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    Get great tips and advice on how to care for your pet from our experienced team of experts!

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    Articlepet health guides17-05-2016
    As the weather warms up and we approach summer, pet owners are being urged to be vigilant against ticks and fleas which thrive in warmer weather. Watch our video where Sharron and the Tickbuster team of experts tell you how you can keep your furry friends happy and healthy as temperatures rise As pet owners get set for a summer spent with their beloved furry friends in the great outdoors, S...

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    Articlepet health guides17-12-2015
    Tips for keeping pets happy and healthy over the festive season Watch our video with Steve Backshall and vet Paul Manktelow to get clued up While most of us love the festive season, for pet owners it can throw up some unique challenges and pitfalls. Routines such as walking and feeding times, and many of the things we do regularly with our pets at certain times can go out the w...

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    Articlepet health guides26-10-2015
    How to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe during Halloween, Bonfire Night and autumn Watch our video with Steve Backshall and vet Paul Manktelow to get clued up With autumn here and the summer temperatures long gone, it’s a great time to get outside with your dog for some long and enjoyable walks through the falling leaves, ahead of winter. But while many pet owners l...

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    Articlepet health guides03-08-2015
    Need some tips on how to prepare your pets for the summer months? Watch our video with Steve Backshall and vet Paul Manketelow to get clued up. Just what do we need to know to make sure our pets are happy and healthy in the summer months? All too often it’s obvious things that get forgotten, from hydration to parasite protection to heat stroke.  Hydration is absolutely...

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    Articlepet advice guides14-03-2014
    Some animals can be real vandals. Obviously, they don't mean to, but it is not uncomon to read about a flying pigeon carrying a lit cigarette butt that caused a fire in South London after dropping the cigarette. Our furry friends can certainly be the cause of slips, trips, road accidents or terrifying explosions. Their devastation power is so ominious that it can never be underestimated...

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    Articlepet health guides19-02-2014
    Many of our pets find the taste of antifreeze very attractive. But ingesting the smallest amount of it can cause severe kidney failure and ultimately, death, especially in cats. The RSPCA and International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) are involved in a campaign to remind people to take care. Accidental poisonings from spills or leaks, as well as leaking water coo...

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    Articlepet health guides04-11-2013
    Watch our video for tips from TV vet Matt Brash who shows Autumnwatch presenter Chris Packham how to give his dogs Itchy and Scratchy the once over. Dogs can pick up all sorts of bugs, ailments and even injuries and as pet owners it's not always easy to tell what's wrong with them -- after all they can't tell us what's happening to their bodies. And while responsible pe...

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    Articlepet advice guides26-06-2013
    Scorpions, although known to be dangerous, can make amazing pets and looking after them can be a real fulfilling experience. That being said, looking after them properly is harder than it seems so we have put together a short guide on how best to treat them when they are in your care. First of all, you should know the species of the scorpion you are dealing with. There are many out...

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    Articlepet health guides18-06-2013
    Spiders can make amazing pets but lose your concentration or get on the wrong side of them then a spider bite can not only be dangerous but also deadly depending on the spiders you keep. Even though spider bites are often itchy and painful, most are not serious and they can be treated at home.   If you are in the UK then there is little to worry about as spiders in the country and ...

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