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Why are Beagles the Most Outgoing?

Why are Beagles the Most Outgoing?


The Beagle originates from England and was used as a hunting pack dog. It is an ancient breed which was mentioned in 3rd century chronicles, noting Beagles as excellent ship dogs. The breed is still used in many countries as hunting dogs.

The Beagle’s Description

The breed is a sturdy little hound dog. He has a straight back, the tail is set moderately high, keeps his chin raised and a little bit curved. His chest reaches under his elbow and his arched ribs are strongly pulled backwards. Its loin is strong and short and his belly is not too tucked up. The strong elbows do not turn either inwards or outwards and they are roughly at the half height of his shoulder. He has got straight front legs, bones being cylindrical along the full length of them. Its hock is strongly curved. The beagle’s paws are firm and compact with well-arched toes and short claws. The neck is moderately curved and dewlap can hardly be seen. 

His rounded, low-set ears almost reach the nose, hanging elegantly near the muzzle. His eyes are fairly large but set well apart. 

Its height: The minimum height is 12.5 inches and the maximum 16 inches. Weight: It weights between 22 and 30 lbs. His coat is weather-resistant, short and thick.Colors: Any hound-type of coloring is acceptable except for the liver-shade. The top of the sternum must always be white. The breed is most commonly three colours. The eyes are dark or hazel. 

The Beagle's Character 

The Beagle is a lively, active, particularly friendly and joyful dog. It is very smart but at least as stubborn. Being a hunting breed, he is determined, brave and has an excellent scent.

Beagles are not aggressive animals so have smooth relationships with the other dogs. Because of his well-developed hunting instinct it is advisable to socialize him with cats and other household animals when they are young, so as to avoid future problems. When threatened he barks loud but nothing more. 

Sensitive areas: Similarly to all other lop-eared breeds, the Beagle’s ear canal should be also checked regularly in order to find out if there isn’t any dirt or wax inside. The ears should be preferably cleaned with the help of a cotton–made product and we have to often trim its claws short with a good quality claw-trimmer.

Why are Beagles Different?

• When we train him we should take into account that the dog rather looks at his own interests than that of his master’s.


• The Beagle can be motivated by giving him treats.


• The Beagle requires a lot of exercise. He will need to be taken on long walks, make sure he is trained well however or they will catch a scent and run off. If you decide to keep a Beagle in a house with a garden you should consider surrounding the property with a well closed fence.


• As he is very stubborn and childishly playful he should be attached to an experienced owner. This still stands even when the Beagle gets older.


• It can not be left alone in the apartment during the day, unless it is trained at a young age. 


• The Beagle likes living in pack and it is ideal to keep it in a place where another dog can be attached to him.


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