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What Should a Puppy Eat?

What Should a Puppy Eat?

A frequent, recurring question: what and how should we feed the puppies, especially around the phase of separation from their mother (6-8 weeks old)? Many people believe that the drinking issue is solved simply by giving the puppy milk. This may not be the case however.

Milk should always be boiled, then cooled and it is recommended to dilute it with an equal quantity of water. Despite this, diarrhea or soft stool may occur sometimes in the practicing period. Actually, milk is needed not for its nutritional value but for its taste and smell, so that the temptation of the puppies should be stronger, this way learning to drink.

Learning to drink is more important than eating because young animals take more risks of dehydration than that of hunger. During young ages they often suffer from diarrhea, meaning a higher fluid loss, the animals of this age being more sensitive to this. As the puppy accustoms to drinking, we can gradually reduce the quantity of milk in the mixture and finally, it should be entirely skipped.

What Should A Puppy Eat?

Do not start with dry food! Even if it seems to be gladly and tastily gnawing at the dry pet food, it is better to initially feed a puppy with wet food (or soaked dry pet food), so that the animal could get a sufficient quantity of liquid together with the solid food. This is necessary because if the puppy food is dry, he may not take enough fluid and may overburden his stomach, which leads to vomiting and abnormal degradation processes may begin in the digestive tract, causing gastro-enteritis.

How Many Times a Day Should You Feed Puppy?

The more, the better! During separation puppy feeding should occur 4-5 times a day, but unfortunately few people can do this nowadays because most people work during the day. But even these situations require at least 3 puppy feedings at first. Later, when the puppy is already accustomed to the dry food we can leave him some; between two feedings (greedy, jealous dogs should not be free accustomed to the self feeding). It is very important that enough water is available for the animal all day long so that he can drink any time he wants. Please consider that as the puppy is playing (or just being unskillful) tends to push his drinking bowl over, so make sure it is stable.

Feeding a Puppy

First I recommend mainly meat-based (soaked dry pet food, canned food, cooked poultry meat, soft cooked beef). Besides these, the animal may get cooked carrots and boiled rice as well.

Don’t offer him boned food at the beginning. A few weeks later, when he can already eat well, he has learned to chew, we can give him cooked chicken neck. When we first give him meat, take care of the fats (as it can cause diarrhea).

But here the following question arises: what puppy food should I buy? Generally, the price is reflective of the quality and you get what you pay for. It is worth choosing higher quality for puppies, even if they are more expensive, because the dog’s daily diet is still relatively small, so an expensive supply does not really impact your wallet. Pet food makers sell breed, age group, body height optimized food also. It is recommended to choose those supplies that contain the following descriptions: Puppy, junior or growth.


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