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What Do You Need to Know When Your Dog is in Heat?

What Do You Need to Know When Your Dog is in Heat?


How long is a dog in heat for the first time? When will she be in heat next? How can you tell if a female dog is in heat? There still are some unclear questions regarding the period when the dog is in heat, this article will try to answer a few of these questions.

The female dog will reach maturity when she is in heat for the first time. This moment is closely linked to the dog reaching her maximum body size. Small dogs can therefore be on heat for the first time at 6 months of age. Large dogs do not usually reach maturity until later so they usually do not come on heat until the age of 1. The heat period is about 21 days, but the first one can be shorter, and after 1 to 2 months can begin again and last for 21 days. The dogs are in heat in average every 6 months, but it can occur in the interval of 4 to12 months.


When do dogs stop having heat periods? 

Most of the female dogs can have heat periods for their whole lifetime, since it doesn’t stop with aging.

What are the signs of the heat period? 

The heat period signs are follicle changes and spots of blood. 

Is there a test which can point out that the dog is in heat? 

Yes there is. The test shows a growing level of progesterone hormone in the dog’s blood. This hormone level can be tested in specialized veterinary labs.  2 to 3 consecutive blood tests can accurately determine the heat period of the dog. 

How can I tell when my dog will be in heat? 

Between two heat periods the dog is in a completely inactive state, sexually. In this case, it is very difficult or even impossible to say when to expect the next heat period. You have no choice but to wait for the heat period to occur. Most of the female dogs are in heat in the spring months, and then six months later, in the autumn months.


How can you tell that a female dog is in slow heat? 

The slow heat period can occur in female dogs at any age. This is practically the same heat as the regular one (with follicle growth, maturation, cracking), but in this case, the symptoms are hardly or even not at all detectable to the owner.  The characteristic odor of the heat period is however detectable to the male dog and he is aware of the slow heat period of the female.

When is the ideal mating time?  


The animal can reproduce after 2 years of age. The mating is ideal in the 12th to14th day of the heat period, but there are individual differences. There should be a 48 hours break between 2 mating sessions. The gestation lasts 58 to 62 days and 28 to 30 days after conception an ultrasound examination can be performed. It is recommended, for sure results, to perform an ovulation exam. 

What are the procedures for birth control for dogs and what are the risks, side effects? 

There are various contraceptive measures; each is designed to prevent the heat period or to suppress it. In all cases, a veterinarian should be contacted, as they can only be used under professional supervision. There are also pills and injections that can act as dog birth control. They suspend the heat period for approximately 6 months and the next shot should be administrated 1 month before the next heat period is expected to occur. The tablets should be administered continuously for a longer period. The side effects may be obesity, tendency to diabetes, but the chances of development are very small. Find puppies for sale.


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