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The Samoyed Dog

The Samoyed Dog


The Samoyed first became known as a sled dog in the 18th century. The original owners of the Samoyed (from whom they received their names) were nomads of North-Western Siberia, who lived between Arkhangelsk and Chatanga River.

Sled dogs are essential in meadow farms. In some countries they used for hunting, their meat is used for human nutrition, and their skin is used for clothes.The dogs are used for pulling the sleigh for both the equipment and people, for hunting, for retrieving the pray, for watching children, he is even used as a heater at night.


The Samoyed is an Ideal Family Dog

He is the most maneuverable sled dog, he is ideal for families, children and elderly people. He shouldn’t be left alone for a long time in case of boredom. Without another dog or fellow he will surely look for an easy occupation, which will probably not please his owner. The Samoyed is loyal, obedient, gentle and accommodating, but requires a consistent and regular training.

The Samoyed as a Rescue Service

He is a loud dog, proud to keep a strong and elegant figure, his smiling countenance and beautiful snow-white hair immediately attracts the eye. The Samoyed has excellent agility and he is a great pathfinder rescue dog. He can be recommended to anyone who is happy with great and selfless love.


English name: Samoyed

German name: Samojede

French name: Samoyede

Spanish name: Samoyede


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