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The Leonberger

The Leonberger


The Leonberger dog is a true companion and family dog. They resemble lions due to their massive size, but friendly and people oriented. Leonbergers love children and whose hearts, like its fur, are made of gold.


The Leonberger was created in the mid 1800’s by crossing of the black and white New Found Land, the Saint Bernard and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The creator was trying to design a golden lion like dog. His efforts were crowned with success; he created a beautiful, strong-boned, muscular and elegant breed with a wonderful temperament.


What kind of dog is the Leonberger?


His best function is of a companion and family dog. Despite his huge size he is a very lovable, friendly, people oriented and loves children. The Leonberger puppy integrates easily to everyday family life. The Leonberger is well suited to traffic noise, loves to take car drives and makes an excellent hiking partner. He loves water and enjoys swimming.


Despite his kind nature, the Leonberger guards the family estate and the garden vigilantly. He’s not a barking type of dog but in a given situation he’s deep voice keeps away strangers, but if the person is greeted by the family, the Leonberger welcomes him in the same manner and demands affection. Although he is easy to train, the Leonberger should learn the basic rules when he is a puppy, because at maturity is too late! He responds well and is motivated by treats.


Many Leonbergers are used as therapy dogs for old, sick people, disabled people and children among whom he adapts perfectly. His friendly appearance, beautiful, thick and warm fur and his good-natured brown eyes manage to sweep anyone off their feet regardless of age.


He needs to be kept in a family environment. Leonbergers should never spend life locked in a kennel, in chains or segregated from people.


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