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The Boxer

The Boxer

The boxer was originally used for big game hunting and animal fighting.  Its present form was developed by German breeders, who have managed to preserve his appearance as well as the original good qualities of the breed: courage, willingness to attack, joy and playfulness. Yellow and tiger striped lines are being bred too in boxers.







The boxer - Playful and Child Friendly

The ideal boxer dog is medium-sized, compact, with a short back, sturdy legs and "close-fitting" short hair. The blunt muzzle greatly contributes to the original appearance of the boxer breed, but it must always be in proportion with his body. His head is clean and free of deep wrinkles (especially on the forehead).

Standard dimensions of a boxer dog (measured from the back, along his elbows down to the ground): males, 57-63 cm, females are 53-59 cm high. Their weight (for medium size): male over 30 kg and 25 kg for bitches. It is a self confident, smart, calm, balanced, but always alert dog. The boxer breed is also courageous. It can be very tolerant towards children, and bonds with each member of the family. However, boxers may not take that well to strangers.

•    English name: German boxer
•    German name: Deutscher Boxer
•    French name: Boxer allemand
•    Spanish name: Boxer alemán


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