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The Basset Hound

The Basset Hound


His peaceful nature gives many friends and few enemies to the Basset Hound, a real aristocrat, who takes himself very seriously and is known for his own values.

The Basset Hound

Contrary to popular belief they are used as hunting dogs. The wounded fleeing pray is chased with his help and followed, so that the hunt will end in delicious, high-value meat. The English varieties are usually kept as pets, although the police occasionally use them as detective dogs. 

The Long Eared Basset 

Regarding the size of his ears we can only say they are huge, you could hide Yorkshire Terriers under them! The Bassett hound is easy to groom with a simple grooming glove, rather than complex care products.

The Basset Hound a True Aristocrat 

Peaceful in nature, he has many friends and few enemies.The Basset is a true aristocrat who takes himself very seriously and knows his own values. He is quiet and contemplative, living in harmony with everyone. He doesn’t rush anything; he is vibrant in his everyday world, but he is the happiest in his own chair, by the fire. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine him in front of you, smoking his pipe, wearing a hat and quietly studying his paper.

The Basset Hound Breed’s Characteristics

  • Origin: France
  • Original use: hunting, Great Britain: from the 1880’s onwards
  • Height: approx. 30 cm 
  • Weight: approx. 35 kg
  • Temperament: friendly and confident

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