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Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky


The Siberian Husky is a working dog of medium height, he is quick and elegant in motion. 

The sled dogs are essential for meadow farms. They are used for sledding and hunting , in some countries their meat is also used for human nutrition and their skin is used for clothing manufacturing.The original function of a Siberian Husky is of a sled dog; with a light load he can pull at an average speed over a long distance. He is friendly, kind, intelligent, sociable, he typically bears solitude with difficulty and he is not a watchdog type. He is not too suspicious about strangers.


The Origin of the Husky

The unanimous opinion of scientists is that he comes from Siberia, but the exact location of his formation cannot be traced. Presumably, he homes from the East Siberian peaks, the breed spread as a sled dog.

The Siberian Husky’s Appearance

The most striking features of this breed are his medium size, his easy freedom of movement and his solid, double, medium-length hair. His coat can come in all possible colors. He has a beautiful head, piercing, yet friendly, regardless of his characteristic. His eyes are almond shaped, slightly oblique; their color can be brown, blue, or adapted. He has a scissor bite. His ears are of medium-size and have a high set triangular shape. The skull is of medium size and it harmonizes the body. His nose and lips are well pigmented, but the so-called “snow nose” is also adapted. His proud held neck is of medium length. His limbs have a parallel position, not too wide from each other, his thighs are well-muscled. His feet are oval and compact. He has a profusely coated tail, set high, not on one side or curled or on his back. He has a light movement, quick gait, while his back remains straight and hard. 


What is Special About the Siberian Husky?

This dogs shows beauty, kindness, wisdom and a very popular use as a family, sports or exhibition dog. The Siberian Husky is a special breed, therefore, before purchasing you should inquire about the breeds characteristic from the seller.


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