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The Shar-Pei dog is a real partner, a smart, clean, affectionate dog. He grunts a little and he even snores, but he doesn’t offend anyone if he is not bothered. 


The Shar-Pei is considered a fighting dog, but he is not a blood spilling type, this is just a misconception. Shar-Pei make excellent family dogs if they are well socialized, they are loyal, playful and active but if you do not train them well when they are young you will find they turn stubborn and territorial.


Shar-Pei are easily housebroken and are extremely clean. They are naturally suspicious of strangers and will be fine with cats if they have been introduced to them when they are puppies. You might find that you have problems mixing your Shar-Pei with other dogs. They love being indoors and hate the cold.


They are quite expensive to keep as quality food should be used, although the protein levels should not be high. From 6 months of age, they should be fed adult food.

Shar-Pei are high maintenance and a lot of care is required especially when still a puppy. Some lines have very close set tails and these must be inspected and cleaned to prevent infection. Shampoos must be chosen with care and, as the nails grow very quickly, must be trimmed regularly. The eyes as well should be inspected daily. The coat itself just needs a going over with a soft brush.


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