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Russian Hamsters For Sale: Breed Information

Russian Hamsters For Sale: Breed Information


If you are thinking ofbuying a Russian hamster then you will find this article useful. To begin withit is important to know that the term Russian hamster or more specificallyRussian dwarf hamster can refer to three different species of dwarf hamster.These three species include the Roboroski dwarf hamster, Campbell Russian dwarfand the Winter White Russian dwarf hamster.


The Winter White Russianhamster and the Campbell Russian hamster are similar in appearance as they bothmeasure 8-10cm in length. The smallest of the three species is the RoboroskiRussian hamster which only grows to 4 or 5 cm.


Russian Hamsters - Winter White Dwarf

The Winter WhiteRussian hamster is the rarest of the Russian hamster breeds and is one of thefriendliest. The Winter White can change its colour during winter going fromgrey in the summer months to white in the winter.


Campbell’s Russian Dwarf Hamsters

These Russian hamstersoriginate from Mongoliaand are the most commonly found Russian hamsters for sale in pet shops. Thesehamsters for sale come in a variety of colours, these Russian hamsters come intheir natural colour, or spotted and mottled with different colours.


Roboroski Dwarf Hamsters

These Russian hamstersare indigenous to the desert of Eastern and Western Mongolia and Northern China. These Russian hamsters for sale are the smallest of thethree breeds but they have the longest legs. They are often a sandy colour andtheir undercoat is slate grey. These Russian hamsters are very active and theyare quite hard to keep as pets.


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