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Rottweiler Breed Guide

Rottweiler Breed Guide

The Rottweiler: a persistent, courageous and intelligent dog

The Rottweiler is not only an excellent service, ambulance, police, military and guard dog, but he can be a family and hobby dog as well. Rottweilers are not recommended as pets for people that have little or no experience in owning dogs as they can be quite a demanding breed, although largely undeserving of their reputation.

The Rottweiler

Group - Schnauzer, Pinscher, guard dogs, mastiff

Origin: The Rottweiler's ancestors are the Roman herding dogs. Later, butchers and farmers used them for cattle herding and guarding. The perseverance, courage, intelligence and guarding skills or Rottweilers are based on the characteristics of the breed. They receive their name from a small German town, Rottweil.
Rottweiler Appearance

He is a stocky, muscular, strong-boned, medium-large sized dog. His hair is black, sleek, and well-demarcated, with reddish-brown spots in the cheek, legs and chest areas. He has a powerful head, with strong, dark brown eyes. His back line is tight, short, wide, and his deep chest is well muscled and angulated in the front and rear legs. The male’s height is: 61-68 cm and weight is approx. 50 kg. the female’s height is: 56-63 cm and weight is approx.40 kg.

Rottweiler Temperament & Behaviour

Hi is a friendly, peaceful, loyal, obedient natured dog, perfectly taught. A Rottweiler’s appearance radiates power, self-confidence, balance, and he is good with children. Slightly suspicious, he feels free to respond to environmental influences, but in case of threat he is ready for defense, he has a well-developed and forward facing defense capability, he faces painful effects with resistance and no fear. The Rottweiler is not only an excellent service, ambulance, accompanying, police, military and guard dog, but a family and hobby dog. In order to be an obedient, reliable companion the Rottweiler, must be properly taught, reared in a lot of love, games and under a strong management.



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