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Pug Breed Guide

Pug Breed Guide


The Pug's appearance is misleading to the unknowing observer. This wrinkly-faced, big eyed dog, with a grumpy expression actually is a very happy, sensitive, loyal, lovable and gentle breed.

The pug’s origin has a number of known versions, but most agree that he comes from China, as well as the other types of flat-nosed dogs.Pugs are lively and playful animals, which will always be grateful for the love and care he receives from their masters. He is an ideal family dog, and he fits in well with other dogs, cats and children. He is intelligent, but he can only be trained with patience and in a playful way. 


His head is round, rather large, his forehead is characteristically wrinkled. His nose is short, broad and flat. Typically his face is black. His eyes are large, circular and very dark. His stare is shy, appealing, and slightly resentful. His tail is narrowing towards the end and usually is curled twice.


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