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Polish Rabbit Breed Guide

Polish Rabbit Breed Guide

Polish Rabbits Appearance

Polish Rabbits are one of the smallest breeds of rabbit however they are not actually dwarfs. They are a small delicate looking bunny though the Polish Rabbit’s body is rather elongated and arched, similar to that of a hare. They have long front legs and a wedge shaped face topped with short upright ears. Their fur is short, fine and dense with a silky texture, appearing almost polished (hence their name). Polish Rabbits’ coats come in a variety of colours, including black, blue and agouti and the original albino white.

Polish Rabbits Temperament

Generally more highly strung than other small rabbits, Polish Rabbits have a vigorous nature. They are not easily tamed, but if they are, they become very loving and playful. The Polish Rabbit is very curious and likes lots of toys and attention. These are not a pet for the timid, and because of their size, speed and temperament; children would probably do better with a calmer breed more open to handling. Polish Rabbits like solitude and don't like living in pairs or groups.

Polish Rabbits Excercise Needs

Polish Rabbits though small are very energetic and need plenty of exercise to satisfy their active nature. They either need a large space within their house to exercise or ideally a run separate from their house.

Polish Rabbits Feeding

Polish Rabbits, like all rabbits, need lots of hay as a diet staple to aid their health. They also need dry rabbit mix along with fresh fruit and vegetables all served in an earthenware bowl. On top of this Polish Rabbits need a regular supply of fresh water through a bottle feeder.

Polish Rabbits House & Bedding Needs

Polish Rabbits can be housed indoors or outdoors in either a hutch or cage. They need a sleeping compartment within their house and plenty of space to move about. Their house should be bedded with plenty of straw and wood shavings to keep them warm and comfortable.

Polish Rabbits Health

Polish Rabbits have are generally very hardy rabbits. Their short coat doesn’t require grooming on a daily basis, and they are not prone to hairballs. Other health concerns that can affect Polish Rabbits include earmites, pasteurella, respiratory disease, dental problems, urinary bladder stones and fractured backs. Always keep an eye on your rabbit’s vital signs and make sure you keep them in a clean environment with a good diet.

Polish Rabbits Life Expectancy

7+ years

Polish Rabbits Origin





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