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Pet Food: Rabbit Food Advice

Pet Food: Rabbit Food Advice

An important part of owning a rabbit is knowing and understanding their diet. Being able to feed rabbits food that will be beneficial to them is an essential part of rabbit care and this article will help you with some tips and advice on rabbit food. 


In the wild rabbit food consists of roots, twigs, plants, seeds and grasses. All of these foods are low in calories which is why rabbits spend most of their day eating. In order to make pet rabbit food replicate this as accurately as possible you should base your rabbits food on hay. You can also give your rabbit some fresh fruit and vegetables and a small amount of dried food. 


Instead of giving a rabbit all of his food at once you should split the feedings into two, one in the morning and one in the evening. 


Rabbit Food – Hay 

• Rabbits are grazers so they needs small amounts of food often.


• The food you give rabbits needs to be low in fat, sugars and protein and high in fibre. 


• Hay meets all of the requirements for great rabbit food. 


• The best hay to use as rabbit foods is grass or meadow hay. 


• Alfalfa is high in protein and gives young rabbits lots of energy which is great. This type of hay should be phased out as rabbit food when the rabbit matures. 


Rabbit Food – Fruit and Vegetables

• Do not give fresh fruit and vegetables to rabbits under 12 weeks of age. 


• Rabbits can get digestive problems if you introduce fruit to their rabbit food too suddenly. 


• Do not feed rabbits fruit of vegetables that have been frozen or are deteriorating in quality in any way. 


• One handful of fruit and vegetables is the maximum you should feed a rabbit per day. 


• Do not feed your rabbit beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rhubarb or tomato leaves as they are poisonous to rabbits. 


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