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Pet Food: Dog Food Advice

Pet Food: Dog Food Advice


Keeping your dog healthy has a lot to do with which pet foods you feed it. If you do not feed your pet the correct pet dog foods then you might ultimately cause damage to your dog’s health. This article will give you some advice on dry dog food, natural dog food and other types of pet dog foods so you can decide which diet is best for your dog. As a rule of thumb you should feed your dog the dog food it needs and not what you think it needs. 




Pet Dog Food – What to Feed Your Dog 

• The basic pet foods you should feed your dog are dry dog food. The dry dog food you feed to your dog should contain at least 22% protein and if you have a large dog then the protein content should be higher.


• Meat is a good protein source for dogs so it is a good idea to choose foods that have meat or fish as their main ingredient. 


• It is always worth checking the proportions of ingredients in pet dog foods. Even if meat or fish head the list other ingredients such as cereals and vegetables might add up to more than the meat or fish content. 


• Fish is also a great source of protein and there is evidence that oily fish can help prevent cancer, heart disease, arthritis and skin diseases. 


• Dry dog food is cheaper and more convenient but you must make sure that your dog drinks more water if you are feeding him dry food or he might become dehydrated. 


• When dogs reach about seven years old they will start to take life a little easier. This means their nutritional needs change and you should change their diet accordingly. 


• Older dogs have slower metabolisms so you will need to feed them fewer calories and less fat. Senior dog food is made to provide high concentrated protein, is low in fat, and contains easy to digest carbohydrates. 


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