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Pet Food: A Basic Guide

Pet Food: A Basic Guide

All pets need pet food but there are various different typesof dog food, cat food and other pet foods that you have to choose from. When itcomes to dogs and cats your choice of pet food supplies is fairly simple inthat you either buy dry pet food or wet pet food but when it comes to feedingbirds there are lots of different pet foods to choose from. Read on to find outsome basic information about different pet food supplies.


Types of Pet FoodSupplies


  • Dog food can be divided into roughly two types, dry dog food and wet dog food. Wet dog food consists of chunks of cooked meat either in jelly or in a gravy type sauce. This type of dog food is probably the more tasty of two dog food types but dry dog food is much healthier because of its low moisture content and high nutritional value. Most owners feed their dogs both types of pet food supplies. Puppies will need their own type of pet food which is very high in nutrition and encourages good bone growth and development.


  • Cat food comes in similar types as dog food in that it is available in dry or wet form. Wet cat food consists of cooked meat or fish in jelly and is usually quite high and fat and moisture, wet cat food is very popular for cats but dry cat food is usually much higher in nutrients and most cats eat a mixture of both cat food types to ensure they remain healthy. There are also kitten specific pet food supplies that are used in the first few months of the kitten’s life.


  • Pet food supplies for things like birds can vary greatly as some birds will eat almost anything while others can be quite specific in what they eat. Generally pet foods such as grain, seeds, pellets, fruit and vegetables are excellent for all birds and these pet food supplies should be readily available from all pet food supplies stores as well as local markets.


  • It is possible to get specific pet foods designed for almost every animal, however, pet food supplies designed for mice will also be fine to use for animals such as hamsters, gerbils and rats etc. Many people argue that rabbit and guinea pigs can use the same sorts of pet food supplies while others argue that separate pet foods should be used. Either way, all of these animals can have their pet food supplemented with fresh vegetables and leaves such as carrots, cabbage and fruits.


  • Exotic animals such as snakes and lizards often require live (or at least whole) animals such as mice or insects. Pet foods such as mice can be bought from various pet supplies stores or shops.

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