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Labrador Retriever Guide

Labrador Retriever Guide

Theancestors of the Labrador Retriever were crossed with setters, spaniels and other types ofretrievers. It is native to Newfoundland, where it worked side by side with fishermen.


Originally,this breed was trained for catching fish that came loose from the lines.Besides being an excellent swimmer, these dogs withstand icy water peeling off thecoat.





Labrador Retriever – Key Information


Brought to Englandin the 1820’s by an aristocrat called Count Malesbury, these dogs were taughtto collect game. This is where the ‘retriever’ tag comes from.

Today,this dog is deployed for narcotics detection and as a guide for the blind. Otherwise,as a result of their kind-hearted nature they make for a perfect all-roundfamily dog.


Appearance of the LabradorRetriever


Thecoat of these dogs tends to be black, yellow/white and chocolate and isrelatively short-haired. Wither height is 52-56 cm, weight 25-36 kg.  There are usually 6-8 puppies born in thelitter. Life expectancy: 12-14 years. Advantages: docile, sturdy, good-natured.The only disadvantage can be a tendency for obesity in later life, so it’sessential to be disciplined with feeding schedules as Labrador Retrievers mature.


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