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Huacaya Alpaca Breed Guide

Huacaya Alpaca Breed Guide

Huacaya Alpaca Appearance

Alpacas are camelid meaning they are related to camels and hence share many of the same characteristics. The Huacaya Alpaca has a fleece which has a fine crimp, or wavy quality. The average height of a Huacaya Alpaca is 1 metre to their shoulder, 1.5 metres to their head and they can weigh up to 80kg full grown. Alpacas come in 22 natural colours from white through fawns, greys and brown to black; there are many variations and distinctive markings.

Huacaya Alpaca Temperament

Huacaya Alpacas are amazingly alert and will quickly learn to halter and lead. Huacaya Alpacas constantly communicate with each other through body posture, tail and ear movements and a variety of sounds. The most common sound from a Huacaya Alpaca is a soft humming. Huacaya Alpacas may spit at one another, if sufficiently angered, but very rarely spit at human beings. Alpacas are herd animals, your Suri Alpaca should not live alone - you need two or preferably three fellow Alpacas.

Huacaya Alpaca Excercise Needs

Your Huacaya Alpaca must have a large grazing area in which they can exercise freely.

Huacaya Alpaca Feeding

Alpacas are ruminant, which means they chew cud and survive well on different kinds of low protein hay or poor pasture, provided there is a balanced mineral content including a small amount of suitable camelid mix. Huacaya Alpacas need clean fresh water daily, as they would rather dehydrate than drink stagnant water.

Huacaya Alpaca House & Bedding Needs

Alpacas have similar housing requirements to that of horses; they need a large outdoor grazing space along with a sheltered area for poor weather conditions. The grazing space needs to be securely fenced so your Huacaya Alpacas can’t escape. Trees and shade are good for an Alpaca’s environment. Their shelter does not need to be warm or airtight just dry, a stable like enclosure with individual stalls is ideal.

Huacaya Alpaca Health

Alpacas are robust however, they need water, shelter and like all livestock, you need to always keep an eye on their health. Depending on your pasture and stocking rates, your Huacaya Alpacas will need regular worming and vaccinations to prevent Clostridial and other diseases. Their coat should be sheared once a year around May/June time and your Huacaya Alpacas’ toenails will need to be trimmed 3 to 4 times a year.

Huacaya Alpaca Life Expectancy

15-25 Years

Huacaya Alpaca Origin

South America




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