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How to Tell if a Cat is a Boy or Girl

How to Tell if a Cat is a Boy or Girl

Sexing a cat is necessary if you are unsure whether you have a male or female cat. Knowing how to tell if a cat is a boy, and how to tell if a cat is a girl, can help you with a number of issues. You will be able to name your cat appropriately, and you may be able to make a choice between male and female, if you have a personality preference of either sex. For a guide to carrying out the sometimes tricky task of sexing a cat, see the following tips.

First, begin sexing a cat by placing the cat on a table, or a surface high enough for you to inspect. Position the animal so the head is away from you. You will be inspecting the area under the tail.

Pick the tail up and find the anus. Then look for a second opening positioned under the anus. Males and females both have this, but it is its position that helps in sexing a cat.

How to Tell if a Cat is a Boy
Examine the area for testicles. If this cat is more than 6 weeks of age and has not been neutered, you will be able to feel and see two small bumps. Sometimes you will only be able to make out one bump, this just means that the other has not descended yet, and is perfectly normal. Another way of how to tell if a cat is a boy is by seeing the tip of the penis that can be found 1-2cm under the anus in a small opening.

How to Tell if a Cat is a Girl
If you cannot find any testicles, check to see how the second opening appears. If it is a vertical slit just under the anus, then it is a girl cat. Another way of how to tell if a cat is a girl is by seeing if the two openings together resemble an upside-down exclamation mark.


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