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How to Look After Tortoises

How to Look After Tortoises
Caring for tortoises properly will require the right knowledge and a certain amount of effort. It is important to know as much as you can about the nature of tortoises, as they have particular needs. Looking after tortoises will include ensuring they have a suitable enclosure, good tortoise food, and be kept in the right temperature. For advice on caring for tortoises well, see the following tips.

Looking After Tortoises – Home

First of all, you will need to provide an appropriate home for your type of tortoise. For smaller species, an aquarium made of glass will be adequate. For bigger species, a galvanised stock water trough or a pen will be suitable.

When caring for tortoises you should place alfalfa pellets or newspaper as the dwelling’s floor covering. Do no use sand, ground corncob, wood chips or artificial grass as these can all be the cause of problems in the intestine if the tortoise eats them.

Looking After Tortoises – Temperature

You must ensure that the tortoise is kept in an atmosphere that has a temperature between 26 and 38 degrees Celsius. Achieve this by installing a heat lamp, or any type of radiant heat source.

Caring for tortoises and their health will also require you to set a full-spectrum ultraviolet light up. This will assist in vitamin D absorption and could prevent metabolic bone disease.

Looking After Tortoises – Tortoise Food

Tortoise food is made up of fruit and veg. For the best tortoise food provisions, you should administer a diet that is made up of 85% vegetables, 10% fruit and just under 5% protein. This tortoise food should be given to adults 3 times per week. Hatchlings need to be fed every day. Tortoise food should be dusted with some calcium carbonate, gluconate or lactate each time you feed. Multivitamins should be given every week or two.


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