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How To Look After Cockatoos

How To Look After Cockatoos

Cockatoos are one of the nicest pets anyone could wish for, but they can be hard to cope with if you’re not fully prepared for the realities of caring for this animal. To learn more about caring for cockatoos, read this guide.


Looking After Cockatoos: A Guide

  • Cockatoos are very demanding animals, and you should only decide to keep one as a pet if you are prepared to lavish plenty of attention on these sociable pets. If you’re committed to buying, make sure you buy a spacious cage and provide plenty of toys to ensure the cockatoo can always find a source of entertainment. In terms of cockatoos’ food, it’s best to offer moist foods as you look to build a relationship with the bird – this will be a sign that you can be a trusted friend.

  • Don’t ever allow your cockatoo to give into the boredom factor – as mentioned previously, they crave plenty of attention and activity, and if you fail to provide adequate sources of entertainment, the bird may start to act aggressively, burning off steam by attacking the walls of the cage. Ensure the cockatoo cage has plenty of toys and challenges to keep the bird occupied, and try and mix up the types of toys in the cage every couple of weeks to keep the cockatoo curious. Always make sure the cage is locked securely – as if the cockatoo escapes, its natural playfulness may wreak plenty of havoc around the house.

  • Interaction with the bird needs to be regular and timed – the cockatoo can get very jealous if your attention towards him begins to wane over time. Therefore, make sure you put a consistent amount of time aside every week to enjoying the bird’s company outside of the cage. Try and introduce the cockatoo to a play stand – this will keep the bird occupied upon leaving the cage and will give him the exercise and freedom he needs on a break from usual routine.

  • Cockatoo cleaning will become one of the major parts of your weekly routine – as dander birds, cockatoos release a white powder that can cause damage to their feathers if they fail to undergo a regular bathing routine. Make sure your cockatoo is bathed 2-3 times a week to ensure the bird stays fit and healthy. Looking after cockatoos can be tricky, so before buying, bear in mind the time-consuming nature of caring for this pet.

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