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How to Breed Fish

How to Breed Fish

If you love fish and have been caring for your own fish for a while then you might wish to learn how to breed fish. You might want to breed fish for the joy of raising them, to feed to larger fish or want to breed fish for profit. This article will give you five top tips on breeding fish.

Breeding Fish – Instructions

  • Decide on the type of fish you want to breed. This is important as different types of fish breed in different ways. Some fish have live birth and other fish make nests and lay eggs. Whatever type of fish you decide to breed it is very exciting to watch. Dependent on the type of breeding you are doing you will need to prepare in different ways.

  • When breeding fish you need to seriously consider the size of your tank and the amount of fish contained in the tank. Lots of fish will eat fry so you might need to invest in another tank for your baby fish.

  • A big part of breeding fish is filtration; a lot of filtration systems are not designed for small fry and will suck the babies up and into the filter. You will need to buy a filter that is appropriate for your baby fish.

  • If you notice that your fish have bred in the main tank and you want them to survive scoop them out with a net and put them in a different tank. Fish do not allow a tank to be overcrowded so only the amount of fish that will comfortably live in the tank will survive.

  • Although breeding fish might seem simple, getting the baby fish to survive through to adulthood can be difficult. Do some research on the specific breed of fish and you should find success in breeding fish.


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