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German Spitz Breed Guide

German Spitz Breed Guide

The general appearance of a German Spitz is characteristically ”fuzzy", having a vulpine face, watchful eyes and sharp ears.



German Spitz Appearance

Their head is of medium size, and tapers towards the nose. The German Spitz has small, triangular ears that are high, close to one another and setting upwards. They have a scissor-like bite. A short, horizontal back, deep chest and slightly tucked up abdomen are typical features. The moderately long tail is set high and curved like a ring, slightly curling over the back. Their moderately long legs are sturdy and straight.

Height of the Spitz

•    Wolfspitz / keeshound: 18 inches + / - 2 inches
•    Giant Spitz: 18 inches+ / - 1,5inches
•    Medium Spitz: 13,5 inches + / - 1.5 inches
•    Small Spitz: 10 inches + / - 1 inch
•    Dwarf Spitz / Pomeranian 8 inches+ / - 1 inch

Hair of the Spitz

Typically, the hair of the Spitz family members is waterproof with a dense undercoat. The collar and shoulders coat is longer than on the rest of the body, and completely withdraws from the skin. The legs and the tail are also longer haired. On the head, ears, the front side of legs and feet, the hair is short and soft, but on the other parts, it is rich and long.

Colour of the Spitz

Black: the outer coat is black; the undercoat and the skin is dark. It cannot have white or any other shade to meet breeding standards..
Brown: monochrome and equally spread dark brown.
White: pure white without any yellowing  
Orange: uniform orange, the medium-tone color of the range.
Overcast or grey: silver, with black endings. Muzzle and ears are dark; around the eyes there is a fine black line which runs from the external ear to its lower fit. This design and the dark shades emphasize his expressive eyes. The mane and the shoulders are light. The front and hind legs below his knee and his elbow are silver gray, without black marks, except for a few hatching on the toes. The tip of its tail is black, while the lower part and the trousers are silver-grey.

Volpini Italiano

This breed can be found in Hungary and some areas of Eastern Europe, but it is very rare and, unfortunately, at the edge of extinction. This breed of Spitz originates in Italy – however the German Spitz breed and variants are far more commonly found throughout the rest of Europe.


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