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Dalmatian Breed Guide

Dalmatian Breed Guide

The typical Dalmatian has got a cheerful and friendly nature. Dalmatians need consistent training. Dalmatians are descended from foxhounds and were originally used as a hunting dog. Dalmatians are from the Dalmatia region of Croatia, they are also highly recognisable for their distinct black and white spotted coats.

Dalmatian Temperament

The typical Dalmatian is a cheerful and friendly dog. It is a distinguished innate guard breed, so it is worth teaching. As far as pheasants and partridges are concerned, it is a passionate hunter of them. Despite his innate instinct for scenting he has to be seriously trained for game positioning and driving. If he finds his master he can be trained for criminal searches also. Being used as carriage dogs in the past, they need a lot of exercise and they didn’t cease being persistent and a very good runner, either. They also make an excellent companion for jogging. There is no need for further motivations. Their motion claim is worth bringing down by agility, too.

Dalmatians can make excellent family pets as their friendly nature and guarding instincts mean they bond with the whole family. A Dalmatian is not very good at lazing around and will need plenty of exercise and activity. Dalmatians are excellent with other pets although they should be socialized from a young age anyway.

Dalmatian Appearance

The most common colors for Dalmatians are black or liver spotted on a white background. Blue-eyed dogs cannot be bred; they are regarded as a fault in many kennel clubs. Unfortunately many Dalmatians are born deaf and this is very difficult to be recognized. You can keep it both in a flat and in the garden.

Dalmatians are especially known for their compatibility with horses, probably dating back to the time when they were used with horse drawn fire engines to clear a path for the horses.

English name: Dalmatian
German name: Dalmatiner
French name: Dalamatien
Spanish name: Dalmatian


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