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Cocker Spaniel Puppies: The Perfect Family Pet?

Cocker Spaniel Puppies: The Perfect Family Pet?

If you’re thinking of buying a cocker spaniel puppy, you may have some concerns as to whether this breed is suited to young families.

These excitable dogs are always popular with buyers, and in this guide we explore the temperament and behavioural characteristics of cocker spaniel puppies.

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Cocker Spaniel For Sale: A Wise Family Choice?

1.    Cocker spaniels have a gentle, playful personality and are ideally suited to family life, even around very young children. These dogs practically crave attention and affection and will be unreserved in making themselves a central part of family life. If you are looking for a reliable, all-rounder of a dog, you should certainly consider a cocker spaniel.

2.    You should never expect great guard dog tendencies if you’re thinking of buying cocker spaniel puppies - these dogs are extremely soft in nature and will always look to make friends rather than enemies. In fact, you can see why these dogs have gained the affectionate nickname the ‘Merry Cocker’. As an owner, you’ll need to dote on these wonderful companions on a regular basis.

3.    A cocker spaniel puppy tends to have a busy personality – these dogs are always curious, taking every available opportunity to explore or engage your attention. When Cocker spaniel puppies are excitable, the tail will noticeably wag and it can be difficult to snap a puppy out of whatever he is focused on – therefore, you’ll need to pay close attention to training techniques to ensure a Cocker Spaniel has good discipline.

4.    However, as these dogs are always eager to please and actively seek approval, training is actually fairly straight-forward, provided training treats are used intermittently. Cocker spaniels are one of the more intelligent of dog breeds, and are sensitive enough to spot their owner’s pleasure or disapproval.

5.    Finally, it’s important to avoid leaving Cocker Spaniel puppies isolated for any length of time as they can have destructive qualities – so if you spend long periods of time at work and travelling to and from your workplace, it’s perhaps best to think very carefully as to whether taking ownership of a Cocker Spaniel puppy is a practical choice. Boredom can be one of the most concerning traits of cocker spaniel ownership.

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