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Chihuahua Breed Guide

Chihuahua Breed Guide

Chihuahuas have become a fashionable dog over the last decade. Standing at just 15-20 cm tall, they are the world's smallest dog. Chihuahuas are very active, barking at strangers, usually out of fear or intimidation. The Chihuahua coat comes in both short and long hair, and colours from white to black or even yellow. This breed originates from the Aztec empire, where it may have been the fancy dog of the ruling class of that time.

The value of this dog is in its ear. The ears of a real Chihuahua have to be stiffly standing upwards in order to fetch the best price.

What is the Chihuahua like?
The Chihuahua makes good company for humans as it is very attached to its owner. It is a brave, vivacious, proud and undertaking dog. Chihuahuas affectionately lick those peoples’ face who he likes.

However, most Chihuahuas are distrustful towards strangers and may be slightly aggressive. If there is a stranger nearby, this breed will probably stick to his owner. They follow their owners’ step. He doesn’t really tolerate punishment, willing to resentfully march up and down for days until his master gives in.

English name: Chihuahua


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