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Caring For Parakeets

Caring For Parakeets

Parakeets can make fantastic pets, they love human attention and have quite loveable personalities. They are a good first time pet as looking after parakeets is very simple and provided a few basic rules are followed, they can have long and happy lives. This guide outlines how to go about caring for parakeets, from knowing a parakeets’ food intake to knowing how to keep them stimulated.

How to Look After Parakeets

  • Parakeets are at their most happy when they have company so either buy two or at the very least have a mirror in the cage with them. Caring for parakeets means keeping them happy and this will make sure they don’t feel alone when you are not around. Having more than one parakeet is a good way of making sure they stay happy. Buying a cage that has the opening in the roof makes it much easier to let the parakeet out when the time comes.

  • Toys are another good way of keeping parakeets stimulated and happy. Swings, beads and bells will keep them entertained; anything that is shiny, makes noise or can be manipulated is very interesting to a parakeet. Don’t over fill the cage with toys and rotate them periodically to keep him happy.

  • An important part of looking after parakeets is giving them the correct diet. Bird seed or pellets should form the majority of a parakeets food intake but other things such as pieces of fresh fruit or vegetable make excellent treats for them.

  • Parakeets love human interaction but trust can take a while to build up, especially if the bird is young. A new bird will be very shy at first and may take weeks to show it’s personality. Part of caring for parakeets is to build a good relationship.

  • Finger training is the first step in forming that relationship. Begin by holding out your finger in front of the bird, if you do this everyday, the parakeet will eventually hop on. You can lightly nudge the parakeet’s lower chest to encourage him to jump on. This may take several weeks but if you are looking after the parakeet correctly in other areas, he will eventually trust you. A guaranteed way to break this trust is if you start reaching into the cage and grabbing him. Parakeets will find this very scary.

  • Parakeets love to make a lot of noise and they will often chirp and sing on their own. If you are playing music or even singing your own they will often join in. If you think you will be away from the home for any length of time, consider leaving the radio on to keep the parakeet happy.

  • Parakeets need lots of exercise so let them out of their cage as much as possible. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed. It is not unheard of for parakeets to injure themselves by flying into closed windows so keep curtains shut. You have a duty when caring for parakeets to keep them as healthy as possible, put a range of perches in their cage to allow them to exercise on them.

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