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Caring For Canaries

Caring For Canaries

Canaries are most famous for their songs that the males sing to attract a female or to establish their territory. They are a very popular pet and they generally require less handling than other hook bill birds such as budgies. Looking after canaries can be a very rewarding experience and they can be taught to perch on a human’s finger. Their average lifespan is about 15 years. This guide outlines how to go about correctly caring for canaries.

Looking After Canaries

  • The first step to take when looking after canaries is to buy the correct cage. It should be roughly 14x16 inches wide and at least 17 inches tall as canaries generally grow to about 5inches tall. The bigger the cage, generally the happier the bird. Corn cob is a very easily cleaned substrate and consequently it is very good to cover the bottom of the cage with. The cage itself should be placed somewhere in the house that is free from drafts and direct sunlight.

  • Canaries’ food consists of two main parts. Put a dish in the bottom of the cage that contains either pellet or a fortified canary seed. Fresh fruit and vegetables  are vital when caring for canaries and they need them daily. Place a separate dish in the bottom of the cage that holds fruit and vegetables. It goes without saying that when you are looking after canaries, you should provide plenty of clean and fresh water.

  • The cage will also need lots of perches for the canary to sit on, make these different diameters so that the canary can do some leg exercises. Make sure that the food and water dishes are not placed directly underneath.

  • Canaries need mental stimulation so put some toys in there for them. Things such as mirrors and bells are good to use when looking after canaries, they are also well known for loving swings so include one of these.

  • Part of caring for canaries is to keep them clean. Add another dish in the bottom of the cage that is larger than the food dishes and put some lukewarm water in it, this allows the canary to bather itself. If it doesn’t use the bath, occasionally use a spray bottle to mist the feathers.

  • Caring for canaries means providing them with the correct medical attention. Make sure that you take canaries to the vet annually for a check-up and to have the nails trimmed.


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