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Cane Corse Breed Guide

Cane Corse Breed Guide

The Cane Corso is an intelligent, active and balanced, unique breed, extremely loyal to his owner.




The Cane Corso – Breed Information

The origin of the breed can be traced back toancient Roman times. His direct ancestor is the "Canis Pugnax" (ancientRoman Molossian). The Cane Corsoalso shares origins with the Neopolitan Mastiff. The twodogs are often compared, but while the Mastiff is more bulky, with a difficultmovement, and with more skin, the Corso is lighter and more elegant, with lessskin with better athletic movement.

He was used by Italians as a companion dog, acattle guard and for personal protection. Many representationsand historical documents show that the breed has been widespread throughout Italy forcenturies. You can still find asignificantly largenumber of Cane Corso dogs in southern Italy, in Pugliá and Lucaniá.

The Cane Corsois medium to large in size, strong built, but elegant, powerful and longmuscled. Physical attributes include strength, agility and endurance.

The body length isabout 11 per cent bigger than the dog’s height. The total length of the head reaches 36 per cent of theheight.


GeneralStatistics of the Cane Corso Breed


Weight: 45-50 kg for males, for females 40-45 kg. 

Height: males 64-68 cm, females 60-64 cm 

Colour: black, leaden, slate, light gray, lightfawn, fawn, dark fawn and spotted

Based on temperamentand behavior, the Cane Corso is an intelligent, active and balanced dog.Incredibly loyal, this dog needs to be treated with care and only expert ownersshould look to handle this breed as it can come across as threatening tostrangers. Cane Corso dogs are relatively easy to train, however. 


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