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Bullmastiff Breed Guide

Bullmastiff Breed Guide

The origin of the Bullmastiff breed dates back to Victorian England. In these times, hunting was the privilege of gentlemen, but there were also poorer poachers too. Poachers who were caught in the act often killed the forest ranger to stop themselves being capitally punished. That’s why forest rangers needed an obedient dog with an excellent sense of smell that attacks in silence, brings his opponent down, but does not kill it.

The Bullmastiff is 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. This breed more or less maintains its predecessor’s figure, being a cross between the Mastiff and the old English bulldog, but a sturdier, agile one. His nature is kinder, smarter, more obedient, easier to teach and has a good guarding instinct. It is peaceful and tolerant towards children. Bullmastiffs need plenty of attention.

Bullmastiff Description
The Bullmastiff has a smooth, short, reddish and often striped coat. All shades of stripes are known. Small white markings on the chest may occur, but other white markings are not desirable. A dark muzzle is essential, as well as the same dark tone through and around the eyes.

Height: Males are 63.5-68.5 cm height at withers, bitches 61-66 cm.
Weight: 50-59 kg, bitches 41-50 kg.

English name: Bullmastiff
German name: Bullmastiff
French name: Bullmastiff
Spanish name: Bullmastiff



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