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Bull Terrier Temperament Guide

Bull Terrier Temperament Guide


Bull terriers are well knownfor being strong muscular dogs. They are deep chested and they have long andstrong egg shaped heads and long noses. A bull terrier’s eyes are triangular inshape and are set deep into their faces.


Usually a Bull terrier forsale will be white as 70% of them are and they often have a coloured marking ontheir head or back. If you are lucky and want to find something different thenyou might find some Bull terrier puppies for sale which are black, brindle,red, fawn or tricolour.


If you do not want to spenda lot of time grooming then a Bull terrier might be a suitable dog for you.Bull terriers have short coats which you can groom simply by using a rubbergrooming glove once or twice a week.





Bull Terrier Character


Bull terriers are playfuland friendly, they also have a sense of humour. Bull terriers are intelligentand need to be mentally and physically exercised in order to stay happy andhealthy. If you have not owned a dog before then Bull terriers probably aren’ta good choice of dog because they are stubborn and obstinate.


Bull terriers are on thewhole extremely gentle and placid but you will always need to remember thatthey were originally bred as fighting dogs and they will react if they arechallenged. Bull terriers love to have the company of their owners so it is nota good idea to leave them alone. Bull terriers have strong jaws and can do alot of damage if they are left alone, bored in your house.


Bull Terrier Health Issues


Bull terriers are on thewhole quite healthy but deafness can be a problem. You should also keep an eyeon the weight of your Bull terrier because they enjoy eating. You should alsoremember that Bull terriers are chewers and they will often try to eat thingsthat they shouldn’t.


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