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Brazilian Mastiff Breed Guide

Brazilian Mastiff Breed Guide

Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasileiro)

FCI II. Breed group (Schnauzers, pinschers, guard dogs, mastiffs)

The loyal Fila Brasileiro, also called Brazilian Mastiff, is a large dog that belongs to molossoid breed. The original purpose of creating him was hunting slaves and Indians. Later he was used for big game hunting and guarding farms. Besides the Alano (a still existing Spanish herding dog), the old English Bull dog, the English Mastiff and the English hound, the Brazilian Mastiff was developed by crossing many other breeds.


Brazilian Mastiff Appearance


The coat of a Brazilian Mastiff is short, and comes in any color such as brindle, all shades of red or black, white markings and masks are also allowed. The main characteristics (lack of it will disqualify him)are the loose skin all over the body, a back-end that is higher than the withers, and the so-called camels gait (pacing, moving both of his legs on the same side). This breed differs from other molossoids in not having a stop on his head, one of its main characteristics being the presence of an about 3 cm gap between his shoulder blades, that’s why the dog has a cat-like movement. He has a scissors bite, back-bite is allowed, too.

Brazilian Mastis Temperament

The Nature of a Brazilian Mastiff is absolutely bipolar. They love their master, their master’s family, and hates everybody else irrespective of sex or age and if he can, he seeks to harm them. It is recommended to strong-willed, experienced and responsible persons, only. He is thankful for the care and remains loyal to his master all his life. A Brazilian saying proves this: "Fiel como un Fila", meaning "Faithful as Fila".

In the UK, the Brazilian Mastiff is illegal unless specific permission is granted to own one. 

• English name: Fila Brasileiro

• German name: Fila Brasileiro

• French name: Fila Brasileiro  

• Spanish name: Fila Brasileiro


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