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Border Collie Breed Guide

Border Collie Breed Guide

Border Collie - The World's Smartest Dog

The Border Collie (also known as the Sheepdog) was previously the secret favourite of British shepherds, but nowadays, Border Collies, have become more and more popular in the cities. Because of his outstanding intelligence he needs a lot of attention.
Border Collie

This breed began to spread in the mid 19th century specifically for cattle herding. His herding style is unique, he easily guides the animals entrusted to him with his look and special movement.

The Appearance of the Border Collie

The skull is wide and flat between the ears. His lips are tight, and the nasal cavity is relatively large, his fur is mostly black and white, although either colour can be dominant. It is not uncommon for a border collie to have red, brown or blue markings either. The eyes of the Border Collie are oval, medium sized, slightly apart. The ears are medium sized, semi-erect, and slightly apart. He has long shoulders and his legs are parallel to each other. His body is of moderate length, the chest is deep, moderately muscular, and his groin is pulled up. His chest is wide and muscular. His tail is set low, covered with dense fur.

Border Collie Temperament

The Border Collie breed is a healthy type of dog, his fur does not require much care. Not the barking type, he can adjust easily both outdoor and indoor, but his great need of exercise must be met. There is no football game, in which he will not interfere, if children are playing. And there's no cat, who can escape from a good chasing if she dares to cross the garden.
The Border Collie is a quick learner. His outstanding intelligence requires a lot of attention, and therefore this breed is recommended only for people who have no regret in spending time and effort on a dog, who will repay his master with plenty of gratitude.

Border Collies are considered to be the most intelligent dog on the planet and owners need to spend a lot of time with them to avoid any undesirable behaviour such as destruction or compulsions. Border Collies can make excellent family dogs with plenty of exercise and attention. Border Collies are most happy when they are working, this doesn’t however have to be herding sheep, fetching a Frisbee or a ball is equally as rewarding.



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