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Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament Guide

Bernese Mountain Dog Temperament Guide

Browsing online for a Bernese Mountain dog for sale? In this article, we consider the temperament of these popular pet dogs, and analyse their suitability as an all-round family dog.

This distinctive breed has become increasingly popular with dog lovers in recent years, as the guide below explains.




Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies: Essential Info

1.    Bernese Mountain dogs are highly regarded as they have a well-rounded personality and a consistent, easy-going nature that makes them suited to everyday family life. This calm breed is good around children, and will become a much-loved member of the family.

2.    However, despite their laid-back nature, these dogs do require plenty of exercise and can become frustrated if they are kept in a confined space for any length of time. Therefore, it’s important to avoid the tendency for hyperactivity by exercising these dogs on a regular basis. These dogs love to play and explore so if you have concerns about handling an active breed, it may be best to focus your search elsewhere.

3.    With good training, most Bernese Mountain dog puppies will generally grow up to be docile and relaxed around other animals and people, but in some cases a male Bernese Mountain dog may act aggressively towards other male dogs. This behaviour can be neutralised with effective dog obedience training.

4.    This dog doesn’t always settle very well in hot climates, so during the balmy summer months, you can expect to find this breed shading in the garden or hiding indoors. In the winter, expect the opposite – Bernese Mountain dogs will actively welcome the cold snap and will love to play around in the snow.

5.    Bernese Mountain dog puppies are very sensitive and caring, but they can occasionally be a little slow to pick up training techniques – not noticeably so from other breeds, but at a level where a little patience may need to be exercised now and then.


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