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Beagles Breed Guide

Beagles Breed Guide

The Beagle is one of the most ancient of all dog breeds. Records of the Beagle breed date back to the 1500’s, when a chronicle mentioned that Queen Elizabeth I kept such a dog.



The Beagle

FCI VI. breed group (hounds, sparrows)

Beagles as Hounds

They are the oldest breed of hunting dogs. The ancestor of this European hound was probably the legendary Celtic hound, the Segusier. On the basis of their use, two types were developed: the pack hound for hunting, and the foot hound for collecting game.

Beagle Characteristics

Beagle is a muscular, compact animal. It is also brave, active, determined and persistent. Beagles have balanced, friendly and alert temperament. Breeds of this type are generally of a high quality, display a pleasant disposition and are unlikely to exhibit signs of aggression.

Breed Appearance

The head of a Beagle is moderately long, sturdy and not rough. It has no folds and wrinkles. The skull is quite broad and slightly domed in shape.

They generally have dark or hazel eyes of normal size, set well apart, and not deep-seated. Ears are slightly rounded, fitting elegantly on both sides of the muzzle. The shoulders are well bent and not loaded. The tail is set moderately high, of medium length. He has a free, ground covering, straight line movement, launched from the rear. His back should remain straight and tight. The desirable height of a beagle is between 30-38 cm.


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