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Beagle Pups For Sale: Temperament Guide

Beagle Pups For Sale: Temperament Guide

Searching for a Beagle for sale? You can find dogs from this breed on Click Pets, but first you may want to read this guide to the temperament of Beagle puppies and the behavioural traits you can expect from this popular breed.

Learn more about Beagle pups in the guide below.




Beagle Pups Behavioural Guide

1.    The Beagle is a prominent member of the hound family of dogs, and as such, it has inherited many of the behavioural traits characteristic of this group. Provided effective training is introduced at an early age, Beagle puppies have a well balanced temperament and have a gentle personality around people.

2.    Outstanding loyalty is perhaps the most attractive quality of the Beagle dog. Anybody on the look out for a Beagle for sale can expect to buy a friend for life, and a faithful companion that’ll be loved by friends, family members and young children alike. Unless provoked, these dogs rarely show any signs of outward aggression, so they make for a perfect family dog.

3.    However, anybody looking to own a Beagle needs to realise the energetic nature of these dogs. They like nothing more than cajoling their owner into taking a long walk – so if you don’t tend to live a very active lifestyle, a Beagle is unlikely to be a suitable match. However, if you love nothing more than long walks in the countryside exploring the British landscape, these dogs will happily stay beside you every step of the way.

 Another major benefit of the breed is the fact these dogs do not need to be exercised solely to burn off steam – provided they get a suitable amount of exercise every day, they will happily rest as you concentrate on other things.

4.    As a pack animal, some Beagles will suffer from separation anxiety, so you do need to be careful about leaving these dogs isolated, as some dogs may become concerned about your absence, wetting the floor and chewing furniture. Sensible training can eradicate this behaviour.

5.    Beagle pups can be noisy, and tend to howl rather than bark, so you’ll also need to introduce rigorous training to stop a dog barking. There are steps you can take to stop this behaviour – find out how by clicking the link provided.

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