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Beagle Pups For Sale: Breed Info

Beagle Pups For Sale: Breed Info

The beagle is a small breed of dog that is a member of the hound group and shares all the characteristics of that group including a fantastic sense of smell and a strong hunting instinct. Beagle puppies are verysimilar to foxhounds but are smaller in size. Beagle pups for sale are verypopular as pets because they are very friendly, active and have a comparativelack of inherent health issues. Read on to find out more about beagle puppies.


Beagle Puppies –Information


  • Beagles puppies were originally bred as a tracking hunting dog rather than an attacking hunting dog like the foxhound, this is the reason why beagle puppies have comparatively shorter legs and a slightly shorter muzzle which is better for picking up scents.


  • Although beagle pups for sale can come in a wide variety of colours, by far the most common colours for a beagle for sale are white, with large black areas and brown/tan highlights. This is known as tricolour, the colours of beagle pups for sale can change over their lifetime.


  • You can search for beagle pups for sale from reputable dog breeders on Clickpets. When searching for a beagle for sale, it is important to find a reputable dog breeder and to make sure that both parents are healthy and free from health issues. Beagle puppies are however usually very healthy and continue to be throughout their lives.


  • Beagle puppies are full of energy and this continues into later life. Beagles are happy when they have room to run around. That said however beagle puppies do not have to work until exhaustion to rest and they will happily sleep and relax for long periods of time.


  • Beagle pups for sale will turn into very friendly and lovable dogs that love company and naturally love people. It is important to socialise beagle puppies early to ensure that they are good with other animals and people however. Beagle puppies are prone to separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time and may often howl or bark when greeted by strangers.


  • Beagle puppies are not particularly prone to breed specific health issues. Epilepsy may be more common than previously though in beagle pups for sale but is still fairly rare. Eye problems can also be caused by beagle puppies running through the undergrowth. Fleas and ticks may be a problem due to the same reason.


You can search for beagle pups for sale on Clickpets. Alldogs need various dog accessories and you can search for dog accessories forsale such as dog combs, dog beds, dog toys and collars.


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