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Baby Corn Snakes for Sale - Care Tips and Advice

Baby Corn Snakes for Sale - Care Tips and Advice

When most people buy a snake for sale, they buy baby cornsnakes because they have very bright colours, do not grow to be very big andare fairly friendly and reluctant to bite. There are many advantages to buyingbaby corn snakes for sale; one of the best reasons is because you get thechance to shape the personality of the baby corn snakes through constantcontact and snake care. Read on to find out about the correct snake care forbaby corn snakes.


Caring For Baby CornSnakes


  • The first thing you have to do once you have bought baby corn snakes for sale is to give them a safe enclosure to start providing them with snake care. The type of container you choose for your snake for sale is up to you, some people use a vivarium while others simply use a plastic shoe box with air holes. Regardless of which container you use, baby corn snakes are excellent at escaping and you need to make sure it is secure.


  • Because baby corn snakes, like any snake for sale, are cold blooded, you need to provide them with heat. Heat one side of the enclosure to 80-85F to provide baby corn snakes with a warm patch.


  • Through providing the correct snake care, you get to actively influence baby corn snakes’ personalities so it is important to try and handle baby corn snakes often, at least once day. Allow the baby corn snakes to slither between your fingers, taking care not to drop it.


  • Another important part of caring for a snake for sale is to make sure that no other pets can get at the baby corn snakes. Dogs and cats may simply want to play with the baby corn snakes but other animals such as larger reptiles will probably view the baby corn snakes as a meal.


  • Of course, a vital part of snake care is to feed the baby corn snakes the correct diet. For baby corn snakes, young mice or rats are the most suitable food. It is important not to handle baby corn snakes after eating because they may regurgitate their food. Obviously, baby corn snakes also need a water supply, make sure it is not deep enough that your baby corn snakes could drown.


  • Another very good tip for some enrichment in the enclosure of the baby corn snakes is an empty toilet paper or kitchen towel roll to allow the baby corn snakes to be able to hide. Emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing when providing snake care.


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