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Apso Pups For Sale: Temperament Guide

Apso Pups For Sale: Temperament Guide

Looking for Apso dogs for sale? The Lhaso Apso breed has become increasingly popular with dog owners in recent years, as a result of its distinctive appearance and diminutive stature. These intriguing little dogs can make for fantastic, faithful companions.

Learn more about the behavioural traits of Apsos in the guide below.





Lhapso Apso Dogs: Behavioural Traits

1.    Apso dogs have become a popular ‘lapdog’ option in recent years with buyers looking for a small, well-behaved dog that can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces. However, if you’re in the process of browsing Apso puppies, it’s important to realise these intelligent little dogs are far tougher than they look.

2.    The size of the Lhaso Apso counts for nothing once you consider this dog’s behavioural traits. Despite being small in size, Apsos are amazingly hardy, strong-willed dogs and they do need a little training to curb their sometimes aggressive behaviour. However, once these dogs have benefited from a little discipline, they can become wonderful companions.

3.    It’s probably best to look elsewhere if your sole reason for considering Apso pups for sale is to find a dog with a playful attitude towards life. These dogs can be playful from time-to-time, but most are generally calm, independent animals more than happy to roam around as the master of the house.

4.    However, Apso puppies will offer unstinting loyalty to their owner. It’s important to build up trust carefully with these dogs – it may take a little time to win your way into their affections, but once you have achieved this goal, they will crumble and plea for your approval.

5.     Lhaso Apso dogs are highly intelligent, one of the most emotionally sensitive of all the dog breeds. However, this means they can be cunning and manipulative, especially when it comes to training. These dogs are wise enough to understand the significance of a treat from a very early stage – but may use this to their advantage. These dogs also need to be socialised around other animals and people at an early stage as they can bite and nip without your intervention.


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