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Get great tips and advice on how to care for your pet from our experienced team of experts!

Curious facts about not-so-innocent pets
pet advice guides Friday 14 March 2014

Some animals can be real vandals. Obviously, they don't mean to, but it is not uncomon to read about a flying pigeon carrying a lit cigarette butt that caused a ...

Antifreeze poisoning in pets
pet health guides Wednesday 19 February 2014

Many of our pets find the taste of antifreeze very attractive. But ingesting the smallest amount of it can cause severe kidney failure and ultimately, death, especia...

How to give your dog a health check
pet health guides Monday 04 November 2013
Watch our video for tips from TV vet Matt Brash who shows Autumnwatch presenter Chris Packham how to give his dogs Itchy and Scratchy the once over. Dogs can pick up all sorts of bugs, ailme...
How to care for a scorpion
pet advice guides Wednesday 26 June 2013
Scorpions, although known to be dangerous, can make amazing pets and looking after them can be a real fulfilling experience. That being said, looking after them properly is harder than it seems so ...
How To Treat Spider Bites
pet health guides Tuesday 18 June 2013
Spiders can make amazing pets but lose your concentration or get on the wrong side of them then a spider bite can not only be dangerous but also deadly depending on the spiders you keep. Even thoug...
Looking after baby rabbits
pet health guides Tuesday 28 May 2013
If you have a pregnant rabbit and you are wondering how to look after it them continue reading as we have drawn up a guide on the best ways to look after them including, most importantly the mother...
How to look after a Tortoise
pet health guides Tuesday 21 May 2013
Tortoises make amazing pets and we love them. Many people shy away from them however as they do not know how to properly look after them. In this guide we will explain some key tips into looking af...
Ways to keep your turtle healthy
pet advice guides Tuesday 14 May 2013
Turtles can live for many years. They even give humans a run for their money. This does not happen by luck or chance. You should look after your turtle well and provide it with the best possible li...
What and when should I feed a frog?
pet food guides Tuesday 23 April 2013
If you have just bought a frog and do not know the first thing about looking after it or what to feed it then do not worry as we have taken a look and gathered up some information on how to best fe...
A short guide to looking after your first snake
pet advice guides Wednesday 17 April 2013
Before you buy a snake you have to ask yourself some important questions. A snake is an animal and if you are looking after it like a pet it will need a lot of dedication and effort to give it the ...
Why you should get your dog micro-chipped
pet health guides Wednesday 03 April 2013

With proposals by the UK government arguing that all dogs should be micro-chipped mandoaralily you may be wondering what the fuss is about. The new law is set to com...

What you need to prepare for new fish
pet advice guides Friday 22 March 2013
First of all you must decide what sort of fish you are searching for. Do you want tropical fish or cold water fish? Cold water fish are by far easier to look after and perfect for any beginners as ...
Travelling this Easter? A short guide to dog hotel etiquette
pet advice guides Tuesday 19 March 2013
In the last century finding a hotel that accepted our 4 legged friends was near impossible. Many would simply not agree to have a dog on the premises. Now days things have changed and there are man...
pet food guides Monday 18 March 2013
Getting a new rabbit can be exciting but it does however pose many challenges on just how you should look after it properly. One such issue is the feeding. Below we take a quick look at a guide on ...
Tips on how to exercise with your dog
pet health guides Friday 15 March 2013
If you have thought about doing regular exercise then why not find the world's perfect training partner? A dog! It is sort of like two birds with one stone. The dog gets it's outdoor time a...
Training a Bernese Mountain Dog
pet advice guides Wednesday 27 February 2013
  Bernese mountain dogs are fiercely loyal and attentive dogs. They require a lot of attention as they prefer to be involved in everything. The Bernese mountain dog learns fast, but mat...
Setting Up a Tropical Fish Tank
pet advice guides Wednesday 27 February 2013
A tropical fish tank is much lower maintenance than a marine fish tank and consequently is more suited to people who don’t have as much experience in caring for tropical fish. ...
Offering Free Dogs to a Good Home
pet advice guides Wednesday 27 February 2013
If you’re no longer in a position to offer adequate amounts of care to dogs, it may be the best decision all round to offer free dogs to a good home. However, this is a decision that needs p...
Labradoodle Puppies for Sale - Care Guide
pet advice guides Wednesday 27 February 2013
Labradoodle dogs are a crossbetween a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. Labradoodle puppies for sale have been in existence since the 1970s and have become and increasingly popularchoice of dog bre...
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